The Doom Generation (1995)


The Doom Generation (1995)

white sister told me all women are one united in de face of chau’vism (pa’don my engilis)

I smiled

pa…paa pa..tri..archy is the cross women carry, she charged we must fight it with all our might.

I laughed…

racked by spasm my head jerked back and crazily wobbled from side to side. pampered sister titillates herself with quixotic tales of male ‘xploitation.


"dumb" black woman laughed mirthlessly on flicking away tears of pain from my eyes.

I looked up from my chore on the kitchen floor where, new found sister had ordered me to be on knees

to scrub the floor clean for the pittance she paid: on knees to srub the floor clean for sisterarchy.

Nkiru Nzegwu, “Sisterhood” (via wocinsolidarity)
marimopet:Tesfay Atchbekha Negga


Tesfay Atchbekha Negga


1. Don’t interrupt. Let the speaker finish what they are saying – and at a speed that is comfortable for them – before formulating your own response.

2. Give the speaker your full and undivided attention. Ignore what is happening around you and block out distracting noises.

3. Pay attention to…


the southern US genuinely scares me like my map of ‘states i will willingly go to for college’ looks more or less like


Beyoncé by Cliff Watts

helene desmettre by joseph paradiso and yuki

helene desmettre by joseph paradiso and yuki

I asked my ex, now good friend, if she would ever have an open relationship and she said, “No, I don’t think I could do that” then after a pause and a smile, “but what about love affair friendships?” She went on to describe an impenetrable fortress of female friendship, her own group of best mates who’d known each other since school and had supported and loved each other through almost all of their lifetimes. They sounded far more bonded to, and in love with one another, than their respective husbands. It struck me that we don’t have the language to reflect the diversity and breadth of connections we experience. Why is sex the thing we tend to define a relationship by, when in fact it can be simple casual fun without a deep emotional transaction? Why do we say “just friends” when, for some of us, a friendship goes deeper? Can we define a new currency of commitment that celebrates and values this? Instead of having multiple confusing interpretations of the same word, could we have different words? What if we viewed our relationships as a pyramid structure with our primary partner at the top and a host of lovers, friends, spiritual soul mates, colleagues, and acquaintances beneath that?
Rosie Wilby, “You’re More Polyamorous Than You Think” (via foutue)

Sung Jin Park

Sung Jin Park


*white person on anon voice* so how can you say that white people can’t experience racism if i was beaten to death every day in school by my black classmates for being the ONLY white person at my school? and before you ask, YES i am black…

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